Frequently Asked Questions


If my daughter makes the team, what is the commitment level?

The commitment level is high but not unreasonable.  We ask you to commit to attending all practices and tournaments during the fall and summer seasons.


Can my daughter still play Rec if she makes the team?

Yes.  We encourage the girls to play with their friends during the Rec season.  However, our policy is the following:  If a Rec game and Club game happen at the same time, you should attend your Club game. If a Rec practice and Club practice happen at the same time, you should attend your Club Practice. If a Rec game and a Club Practice happen at the same time, you may attend your Rec Game.  Most LBC middle school teams will play in the NGLL Spring Club Lacrosse League.  It consists of 8 games and Playoffs, all on the Western Shore.  It is possible to do both.  Communication during rec season is essential.


Will Club Lacrosse interfere with other sports?

It shouldn’t.  We have great athletes that play soccer, field hockey, swim, dance, skate, ice hockey, basketball, etc.  We want our players to be well rounded athletes.


Where do we practice?

We practice in Church Hill, MD and in Easton, MD


What are the Club Fees?

Club fees consist of a down payment upon making the team.  The remainder of the tuition is paid after the fundraiser. To help some players with the cost of playing on a club team, LBC does a fall fundraiser.  Every dollar you account for during the fundraiser will go toward the remainder of your tuition.  In the past, many of our parents have had to pay nothing extra after the initial down payment.


How long will I have to pay the down payment after I’ve been chosen for the team?

48 hours.  You can pay online by check or Credit Card.


If I don’t pay the down payment or cannot decide in 48 hours about playing, what happens?

Your offer to play is rescinded and we will contact the next player.


Why do we fundraise as a club team?

Fundraising is offered to keep the costs of the club reasonable.  It is our goal that every girl have a chance to play, regardless of financial background.  We do not offer scholarships, fundraising is a nice alternative to that.


Can I just pay the full fee and not participate in any fundraising?

Yes.  However, we would recommend and encourage you to participate in the fundraiser.  The fundraiser is a great way to meet other parents, coaches and administrators and its great night out without the kiddos.


What do you get as a member of the team?

Your club dues cover:  Game day uniform, socks, and a practice jersey, both of which you can keep.  Teams will participate in fall practices, fall tournaments, Spring practices, Spring Club Playdays, Summer practices, and 4 Summer tournaments.  Elite level coaching and access to private instruction.


If I make the team, do I have to try-out again the following year?

Yes, we hold tryouts every year to keep the level of play within the club as high as possible.  A current member of the roster is not guaranteed a roster spot the following year.


How many do you keep on the roster for each team?

Rosters will range between 18-22, at each individual coach’s discretion.


Is playing-time equal or guaranteed?

No.  It is our hope that all of our rosters will be strong enough that any player could play at any time, making playing time not an issue.  However, playing-time will be dictated by game strategy, attitude and effort.  The best players will play.


Do I have to be a member of U.S. Lacrosse?

Yes.  No exceptions.  It is super easy to join and most tournaments that we attend require it.



What is the refund policy?

There are no refunds.